Accommodation in Linz

We can recommend some student residences: 

Raabheim - 
Studierendenheim Pulvermühlstraße - 
If you want "luxury accommodation" the Studierendenheim Brucknerstudios -
Dr. Karl Grünner Haus - 

If you want to organize your accommodation independently, this website could be helpful: 

All residences have a version of their website in English language and online registration systems. Please register at these sites as soon as possible to be sure to get a room, and let us know in the respective questionaire (one step in your Mobility Online registration process at our university) what residence you choose. You can of course also organize your own accommodation. Please let us also know in the questionaire if you do so. The residences need a study confirmation of us to testify that you are a student. That's why we need to know who will stay where! If you book before you reach that step in Mobility Online just inform the residence that they will be studying with us and we will send the confirmation once you filled out the questionaire in Mobility Online. 

A short description of the differences: 

Please note concerning Public Transportation in Linz: from Monday to Friday no trams and buses in the night from 12:00 midnight until 5:00 a.m.! Prebooking (30 min before intended departure) collective taxi for € 2,50 available at all times when trams and buses are not running! Weekends (Saturday night): trams run 24 hours!

Link to "Collective (Shared) Taxi" information 


Is definitely the best place, but it is also the most expensive - but price/value is perferctly alright. All units provide: entrance hall with wardrobe, private kitchenette with fridge, ceramic hob, microwave, dish-washer, sink, study bedroom equipped with bed and bed side table, desk, cupboards, book shelves, magnet board, private bathroom with shower/WC and storage space, LAN- and TV-sockets. Distance to university: 3 km (North side of Danube), public transport available (tram/bus, one change). 

only single rooms in different quality (all luxury!) available! 
Prices range between € 420,-- and € 580,-- per month depending on room facilities and quality (for details check Brucknerstudios website
all other costs equal to Heim Pulvermühlstraße - same provider! 

Heim Pulvermühlstraße: 

Nice students residence in good location, but not very central (North side of Danube). Near Johannes Kepler University Campus and Raabheim although. All rooms are single rooms in 2 room apartments (kitchen and bathroom/toilet shard with one person). Bar in basement (run by student team). Although website says rooms are only assigned on a 12 month basis, rooms can be rented for shorter periods for Erasmus students of our university! Inform us by e-mail if you want to stay there that we can tell the residence! Distance to university: 4 km, public transport available, one change). 


One furnished bedroom ca. 10 bis 20 m², share kitchen and bathroom € 303,-  
One large bedroom - Garçonniere - room with bathroom, shower, and small kitchen € 323,-
Extra costs:
Registration: € 20,-
Deposit to be paid when registring: will be received back minus any expenses and cleaning fees € 500,-Home fee yearly € 30,-
Cleaning fee upon departure € 70,-
Utilities: laundry, telephone in room can be activated for fee, Internet and TV connection.


Very big student residence close to Johannes Kepler University Campus, but far away from city centre (North side of Danube). Very good facilities like 24 hour reception, restaurant, swimming pool. Pricewise higher than Don Bosco or Pulvermühlstraße. Distance to university: 5 km, public transport available (one change). 


Rent: Prices from 1st of September 2016:
Single room with kitchen: Students: 370,00 €  / Guests: 400,00 €
Single room with common kitchen: Students: 354,00 €  / Guests: 384,00 €
Two-bed room: Students: 260,00 €  / Guests: 290,00 €
Handicapped accessible rooms:  Students: 260,00 €  / Guests: 290,00 €
Insurance for each academic year: 44,00 €
Maintenance fee for each semester: 10,00 €
Handling fee for first-time applications: 35,00 €
Security Deposit: 300,00 € (two-bed room) / 400,00 € (single room) (You don’t get it back till 1 month after departure.)
Cleaning fee upon departure: no
Room cleaning service included (every day – 8:00 A.M. cleaning)
Own kitchen and bathroom for single room with kitchen
NO free breakfast
Amenities: gym, pool,
Kitchen has no pans, pots, or utensils
Common kitchen has oven
Laundry extra
Repairs quickly taken care off.
Social opportunities: big accommodation, many other students and parties 

Dr. Karl Grünner Haus: 

we don't have up to date information about that residence, but we used to cooperate with them intensively for a long time. It is very convenient concerning location, because it is within walking distance from the university (appr. 10 min). Check their website for payment options, because that used to get a bit complicated when they only accepted payment for a whole month, even if you arrived in the second half of the month. We've heard that the offer an option now if you move in like at the beginning of a new month, but arrive a bit before, that you can use their relatively cheap hotel option which they run in the same house. Of course Air B & B could also be an option to solve that problem. 

Single room € 315,00
Double room € 237,00
Single room in shared apartment (just 1 available): € 260,00
Room for pair in shared apartment (just 2 available): € 334,00
Security deposit: € 310,00
Cancellation Fee: € 90,00
Processing Fee (administrative charge): € 40,00
Final cleaning: € 30,00
Parking (depends on availability) monthly: € 16,00

Please make sure to book your room early enough, because availability might be limited!