Study abroad

As part of their English studies, students are expected to spend some time in the English-speaking world. There are basically three options:

Students can spend an entire academic year abroad, either in the UK or the US, working as a foreign language / teaching assistant. They would be employed by a British or US-American school, teach German as a foreign language, have a regular salary, and immerse in the foreign language and culture for about 10 months. The ideal time for such a stay abroad would be between the Bachelor and the Master programme.

For information on the Foreign Language Assistant programme from the British Council, click here.
For information on the Teaching Assistant programme from the Fulbright Commission, click here.

The PHOÖ offers and organises short stays abroad via the European Erasmus+ programme. For  more details, check out the information for outgoing students provided by the PH's International Office. Such a shorter stay abroad can be organised at any time during your studies, ideally though not within the first 4 semesters.

Alternatively, you can go on a week-long teaching placement in Cambridge and York, UK, organised by the PHDL. This would be an entirely individual and private endeavour outside your regular study programme. For more details on Cambridge, click here, and for York, click here

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