Course suggestions summer semester

In this section we have prepared a selection of courses for you. It is structured in subject areas. The courses below are suitable for English speaking incoming students. For German speaking students we have prepared a pdf document with selected courses  which you can download here. Of course you all also invited to all courses in English listed below. The courses in the pdf are structured in subjects and semesters: click for download pdf 

 Subject area 1 - Practice, Lectures & Supervision 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Tutorial for practice28TFP00001x2 EC
School Practice28SSSCHUPÜx5 EC 

Subject area 2 - Media Literacy

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Learning und Teaching in the 21st century28SS21STCEx2 EC
Technology enhanced learning in an international (learning) environment 28TLIE0002 2 EC
Video and Radio in Education 1A64WPS81 2 EC
Media supported learning environmentsP2BBSBM4x1 EC 

Subject area 3 - Global Citizenship 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Teaching across Borderscoming soon x3 EC

Subject area 4 - Strategies and methods for teaching 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Classroom Management28CMLP0001x

2 EC

Innovative Teaching Strategies28ITS00001x2 EC 
Lesson Integrated GamesP8SPSB73 1,5 EC
Outdoor Education28SSOUTDOÜx2 EC  
Learning Games and Materials for MathematicsPWahlWE1a 0,5 EC
Learning Games and Materials for training materialsPWahlWE1b 0,5 EC
Learning Games and Materials generalPWahlWE1c 0,5 EC 
Learning Games and Materials for music (sound games)PWahlWE1d 0,5 EC 

Subject Area 5 - Research methodologies in Teacher Education  

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Research in Education - Methods and Data Analysis28SSREMDA1x2 EC 


Subject area 6 - Sciences 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Preservation of organisms1A64WPS92 2 EC
Geography and Sustainability28GACPI001x2 EC  

Subject area 7 - "Active and health conscious living" 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Nutrition and Health   
Experience, challenging and active games P2BBMKBS4 1,5 EC 
Principles of Physical Education and Health Methods  P4BBBS3 1,5 EC
Athletics21LBSP0202 0,75 EC
Motor Skills and Ability 2P4BBBS4 1,5 EC
Swimming-Rescue Swimming - divingPWahlBSSW2 2 EC
Water games21LBSP0204 0,75 EC
Applied Sport Psychology and Experimental Education P6SPBS22 3 EC 
Coordination and Active Sports P6SPBS12 3 EC
Scientific methodology in Physical Education SeBBS01x01mainly for sport students3 EC 
Swimming for sport students 1 SeBBS06x03only for experienced sportive swimmers1,5 EC
Athletics ASB2BS6LAUfor details contact staff - sport students or trained people only1,5 EC 
Football/Volleyball prof. SeBBS07x01sport students or trained people only 1,5 EC 
Court SportsSeBBS07x05sport students or trained people only 1,5 EC 

Subject area 8 - Language learning (see also separate section for English Teacher Education)  

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
German beginners28WDE00001x (or) 3 EC
German advanced28WDE00002x3 EC
English for Academic Purposes28WEAP01x3 EC
Applied Linguistics 28ALSWS048x3 EC 

Subject area 9 - Music and Arts 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
MUSEEK - Music Creative (part of EPTE) 28SSMUSI01x3 EC
Instrumental Music 1 Piano/ GuitarP4BBMK4 1,5 EC
Choral singingP6SPMB22 1,5 EC 
Song and choir workP2BBMKBS3 1,5 EC
Music and Movementcoming soon  

Subject area 10 - English Teacher Education 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Teaching ResourcesP4BBSBE3 2 EC 
Children`s LiteratureP4BBSBE4 1 EC
Media in EnglishP6SPSB1E4 1,5 EC
Systemic LinguisticsSeBEN08z21C 1 required 3 EC 
Teaching Language Skills ISeBEN02x01C 1 required 4 EC
Teaching Language Skills IISeBEN02x02C 1 required 4 EC
Written Production ISeBEN05x03C 1 required 3 EC 
Written Production IISeBEN06x02C 1 required 3 EC
Understanding Fiction and PoetrySeBEN10x01C 1 required 3 EC 
Advanced GrammarSeBEN05x02C 1 required 3 EC
Discourse LinguisticsSeBEN08z22C 1 required 3 EC
Civilisation of the British IslesSeBEN12x01C 1 required 3 EC 
Introduction to English LinguisticsSeBEN08x01C 1 required 3 EC 
Lesson Integrated GamesP8SPSB73 1,5 EC