About us

In Austria, teacher education for primary, lower secondary and special education has traditionally been carried out at institutions called „Pädagogische Hochschule“, or University of Education, while teacher education for the higher general and vocational secondary level was the responsibility of the universities. Since 2016, however, university of education also offer higher secondary teacher education in cooperation with certain universities. 

The Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich (PH OÖ) at Linz on the river Danube is the second largest university college of teacher education in Austria. We have over 3.000 students, 1.300 of which are part-time students. We provide also in-service training for teachers of all school types in Upper Austria. 

Our focus areas are:

  • language education in the contexte of plurilingualism
  • education in mathematics, informatics, natural sciences
  • education in arts
  • sports and health
  • vocational education
  • personal development, cultural, ethical and political education
  • school and quality management
  • school development
  • research on school practice
  • inclusion, participation and diversity 

What do we offer?

Primary Teacher Education (age 6-10): 4 years’ bachelor degree followed by 1 year’s master degree
Secondary Teacher Education (age 10-18/19): 4 years’ bachelor degree followed by 2 years’ master degree
Vocational Teacher Education (age 15-18/19): 4 years’ bachelor degree, optionally followed by 1 year’smaster degree
Further Education: short courses and diploma courses for teachers of all school types in Upper Austria

Unlike previously, there is no separate programme for special teacher education, since inclusive education is an important aspect in all above-mentioned courses. However, students of primary TE may choose “Inclusive Pedagogy” as a major field of study from the fifth semester on, while students of secondary TE may do so from the first semester on. The objective is to avoid exclusion of pupils with special needs and to provide all teachers with the competences needed for teaching in a comprehensive school environment. Intercultural aspects as well as gender justice and social disadvantage are equally taken into account.

We want to live inclusion and diversity at our institution. Therefore, we invite students with other first languages than German as well as students with chronical diseases and disabilities to apply for a course at our institution.

We put a strong emphasis on a friendly, open-minded and welcoming atmosphere for both students and lecturers, which makes it so much easier for international students and teaching staff to fit right in and feel at home. Our administrative and teacher staff makes a point of being available for any questions or difficulties that might arise. We strive to keep staff and student interaction as easy-going and informal as possible. Our Institute of International Cooperation and Study Programmes is dedicated to help you make the best out of your stay in Linz; we offer additional study programmes in English for international students and are happy to receive guest teachers for our local students.

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