Our departmental team at the PHOÖ consists of full-time professors, external lecturers and teachers as well as a foreign language assistant.


1  Paul 
2Erwin GierlingerEFL teaching, linguisticserwin.gierlinger@ph-ooe.atblog  link
3Andreas Kemfculture, EFL 
4Melissa Kennedy   literature, culturemelissa.kennedy@ph-ooe.atlink
5Melanie Kerschnerlinguisticsmelanie.kerschner@ph-ooe.atlink
7Sylvia SangoEFL 
8Harald SpannEFL teachingharald.spann@ph-ooe.atlink
9Jacqueline Teedforeign languageassistant 
10Thomas Wagnerlinguisticsthomas.wagner@ph-ooe.atlink


The Department of English | Secondary Education is structured like this (click to zoom in):

Mag. Dr. Thomas Wagner
Mag. Dr. Dr. Harald Spann
University College of Education  
Department of English
Secondary Education
Rooms 343-345 (3rd Floor)
Kaplanhofstrasse 40, 4020 Linz Austria