Study programme

The Department of English | Secondary Education organises, conducts, and researches the new undergraduate teacher training programme for English in secondary education.


The undergraduate study programme for English is jointly offered by the following institutions in Linz:

  • Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich (PHOÖ)
  • Private Pädagogische Hochschule der Diözese Linz (PHDL)
  • Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU)

The undergraduate study programme (BA) is founded on scientific evidence and oriented towards the current demands in the professional field. In the course of the undergraduate programme, students will both acquire a variety of profound and comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the four areas of study and enhance their foreign language skills, so that they will be capable of teaching English at all levels of secondary education as well as in extra-curricular educational programmes. The complexity of pedagogical tasks requires flexibility and openness to different teaching and learning cultures as well as the ability to apply theoretical and practical knowledge in new situations. In order to meet such challenges, students are familiarised with autonomous, self-responsible, and co-operative life-long learning, both in terms of academic and social skills. The main goal of this study programme is a comprehensive teaching competence in the field of language, literature, and anglophone cultures, as is appropriate in modern individualised, differentiated and competence-oriented foreign language teaching.

The Bachelor English curriculum can be found here (pdf)
The Master English curriculum can be found here (pdf)

Bachelor Thesis

Dear students,

in the 7th and 8th semester you are supposed to take two seminars within the module E B 14 (specialization). One seminar has to be finished with a term paper, the other one with your Bachelor thesis in English. The Linz Group English is trying to offer all four possible areas (EFL, literature, culture, linguistics) according to the students' needs and preferences, so please do the following:

(a) Study detailed information on possible areas, topics, and lecturers. The information is here (pdf).

(b) fill out an online survey about your needs and preferences until December 20th. This is the link.

(c) come to the lecture History of British Literature (E B 11.1, Melissa Kennedy) on Thursday, January 17th, 09:45, lecture  hall 5, for more information and a questions and answers session. The presentation of this info session can be found as a pdf-file here.


You are supposed to finalise planning your final year by the end of January !

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