Publications related to international cooperation projects

Over the last few years, increasing attention has been paid to the integration of inclusive education into teacher education curricula. In order to inspire and to encourage cross-border exchange and discussions, the Institute of International Cooperation and Study Programmes has decided to edit articles in English which have been originally published in German. The volume features articles detailing concrete examples of didactical approaches in inclusive settings and focuses on central questions like the allocation and use of resources in inclusive schools in (Upper) Austria. 

Several times a year the University of Education Upper Austria publishes a magazin always focusing on one topic which reflects the university's key interests. In December 2018 this magazin was dedicated to "Internationalisation" and edited by the Institute of International Cooperation and Studyprograms. Click on cover to get directed to a pdf version. 

Click on cover to be directed to Transcript Verlag. The book is partly in English and partly in German language. Click below to get pdf about the following article from the book about the EPTE program by Roswitha Stütz:  

Article EPTE-Programme: Cross-national Teacher Education. In: Jan Böhm/Roswitha Stütz (Eds.), Vielfalt in der Bildung (201-212). Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.

Book DOI:

Online ISBN: 978-3-8394-3291-4

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Janne Länsitie, Christian Kogler

"Action, Cut, Learn" 

The EDIT - Educational Video Challenge as an example of international online cooperation by teachers and teacher students

Exploring Co-creation of Educational Videos in an International Collaborative Context - article in J-LKS - Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society describing the EDIT Educational Video Challenges 

Petra Bauer, Fabian Geib, Christian Kogler Internationale Online-Kooperation: Videowettbewerb EDIT in "Digitale Medien: Zusammenarbeit in der Bildung, Waxmann 2016 - click on cover for pdf version 

Christian Kogler, "Natur erleben - ein Weg gegen die "Verarmung" der sinnlichen Wahrnehmung" in "Education and/und Forschung", ELTE EÖTVÖS KIADO, 2013