Media supported learning environments (1 ECTS)

Coursenumber: P1BBSBM1


- principles of media technology
- media socialisation
- digital self- confidence
- personal learning environment
- digital presentation of specialised subject
- digital knowledge management
- digital media usage and learning designs
. media infrastructures at the university
- writing scientific texts
- create accessible documents
- digital communication
- open data/creative commons (CC)
- open educational resources (OER)

Goals and competences to achieve: 

- evaluate, use , create and distribute multi-module accessible media (texts, graphics, audio, video) subject to copyright, data protection and data security
- use available media ( online and on-site)
- reflect on personal learning level and learning requirements in terms of personal use of digital media and set appropriate learning steps

Requirements and Notes: - 

Information on exams: 

- e-portfolio