Arithmetics (1,5 ECTS)

Coursenumber: P1BBMB12


- develope counting skills (numerals, counting principles)
- concept of numbers and its historical development
- analysis and promotion of learning conditions to develope numeral understanding 
- prior maths knowledge of school beginners in the transition phase
- video instruction: interviews with nursery school children in their last year 
- maths learning using movement in the transition phase to school education
- elementary numeral instruction ( understanding amounts/quantities, the use of zero, divide, compare, order, double and halve amounts, write numbers)
- equal sign, equations, inequations,estimate, rounding up
- video-based reflection: Pre-school and 1st class
- mathematical learn process from the perspective of heterogeneity
- work tools to teach arithmetic
- increase number range

Goals and competences to achieve: 

- assess and integrate pre-skills of learners to prevent learn barriers
- gain in-depth knowledge of mathematic basics
- create coherent mathematical communication
- creates interdisciplinary learning experiences as contexts for mathematical instruction
- integrates mathematical standards according to Bruner
- evaluates sudent learning to measure mathematical achievement and to plan further instruction

Requirements and Notes: 

- seminar with interactive elements
- generate questions based on seminar content
- disxcuss and reflect on providimg mathematical learning experiences

Information on exams: 

continuous assessment