Methodology, Didactics and Inclusive Pedagogics in Movement and Sport (1,5 ECTS)

Coursenumber: P3BBBS1


- theoretic principles of sport didactics and sport diagnostics
- ball games (mini-sports) and tactics (developmentally appropriate)
- develop lesson plans to accomodate all students (diversity-relevant)
- integrates movement concepts, varied abilities, backgrounds to provide equitable participation
- learning together
- motor- pedagogics (didactic learning and teaching of psychomotor activity.

Goals and competences to achieve: 

the students

-develop their self-competence
- plan, demonstrate and lead diverstiy- appropriatemovement activities to develop a holistic ability to play (motor, cognitive and social)
- integrate multiple methods of assessment and document student progress and inform ongoing planning and instruction

Requirements and Notes: - 

Information on exams: 

continuous assessment