Gymnastics and Dance (1,5 ECTS)

Coursenumber: P7SPBS42


- dance movements in different styles
- everyday materials and objects as a source of expression and movement
- choreography
- gymnastic and dance programmes to improve motor abilities and executive control function (endurance, power, coordination, concentration, flexibility)
- application possibilities to support creative movement

Goals and competences to achieve: 

The students:

- recognise the rhythm and character of various dances and can perform them
- can communicate dance moves and rhythmic activities
- can plan and communicate movements set to music
- have the knowledge and skill to teach child-appropriate fitness training

Requirements and Notes: 

Personal experience and the basics of movement and sport/music and creativity 

Information on exams: 

Grading system 1 (best) - 5 (failed), continous assessment 
Attendance and active participation