Welcome to our international homepage!

Since the early 1990s, there has been a great interest in and commitment to international programmes driven by the wish to infuse international and comparative perspectives throughout the teaching, research and service missions at the Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich (PHOOE). Hence, our institution is involved in a range of activities: student, staff, and teacher staff exchange, cross-border research collaboration, and international projects, both as leader or participant, dealing with topics concerning societal and educational challenges.Our cooperation network embraces a high number of European countries as well as Georgia, Bielorussia and Israel.


We see the internationalisation of our institution as a dynamic process requiring a permanently reflective attitude going beyond merely counting the number of student and staff exchange or of research projects having been put into practice. It is not an end but a means to achieve several goals:

  • To make the experience of teaching, learning and researching abroad meaningful and accessible to all students and staff at our institution
  • To thus internationalise the curriculum, teaching and learning processes
  • To foster an open-minded and engaged attitude with regard to finding solutions to world-wide educational questions and challenges
  • To understand different cultural perspectives and languages as being enriching in their individual way
  • To be willing to contribute to economic, social and cultural development in an increasingly borderless and interdependent world.

The Institute of Cooperation and Study Programmes at PHOOE is responsible for enhancing the internationalisation process in close cooperation with the rectorate as well as the different department leaders.