Course suggestions wintersemester

In this section we have prepared a selection of courses for you. It is structured in subject areas. The courses below are suitable for English speaking incoming students. For German speaking students we have prepared a pdf document with selected courses  which you can download here. Of course you all also invited to all courses in English listed below. The courses in the pdf are structured in subjects and semesters: click for download pdf 

Please keep in mind that links to course description are not always up to date with the upcoming study year. This is because the system shows the courses for the new study year very late. In most cases descriptions and requirements for courses will not change, so you can use the descriptions you find here. In the unusal event that a course is not offered or changed our incoming support team will help you finding an alternative and it can be included in the B section of your learning agreement (changes to planned courses). 

 Subject Area 1 - Practice, Lectures & Supervision 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Tutorial for practice28TFP00001x2 EC
School Practice28WSSCHUPÜx5 EC 

Subject Area 2 - Media Literacy

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Learning und Teaching in the 21st century28WS21STCEx2 EC
Video and Radio in Education PWahlPHTV1x2 EC
Media supported learning environmentsP1BBSBM1x1 EC 

Subject Area 3 - Global Citizenship Education and History Teaching 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Teaching across Borders2800SSIKSTx3 EC
New media in history teachingSeBGS01x05 3 EC
Globalization028GLOWS22x3 EC 

Subject Area 4 - Strategies and methods for teaching 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Classroom Management28CMLP0001x2 EC 
Innovative Teaching Strategies28ITS00001x2 EC 
Outdoor Education28WSOUTDOUx3 EC  

Subject Area 5 - Research methodologies in Teacher Education  

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Research in Education - Methods and Data Analysis28WSREMDA1x2 EC 

Subject Area 6 - Sciences and Mathematics

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Principles of a constructed environment P1BBSUT14only in German 1,5 EC
Basics of Mathematics DidacticsP1BBMB11 1,5 EC
Arithmetics 1P1BBMB12 1,5 EC 

Subject Area 7 - "Active and health conscious living" 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Principles of Motor Development and Movement P1BBMKBS1 1,5 EC
Motorical Ability 1P3BBBS2 1,5 EC
Winter Sports Week P5SPBS21In February only - preregistration required 3 EC
Basics of short sport games SeBBS06x01only for sport students1,5 EC
Basics of Swimming 1PWahlESW1 1 EC
AcrobaticsSeBBS07x02only for sport students1,5 EC
Basketball and Handball SeBBS07x04only for sport students 1,5 EC
Swimming advancedSeBBS07x06only for sport students1,5 EC
Dance/Gymnastics/Rhythmic MovementP7SPBLB51 1,5 EC

 Subject Area 8 - Language learning (see also separate section for English Teacher Education)  

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
German beginners28WDE00001x (or) 3 EC
German advanced28WDE00002x3 EC
English for Academic Purposes28WEAP01x3 EC
Applied Linguistics 28ALSWS048x3 EC 

Subject Area 9 - Music and Arts 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
MUSEEK - Music Creative 28WSMUSI01x3 EC
Instrumental Music 1 Piano/ GuitarP3BBMK2 1,5 EC
Choral Conducting P3BBMK1in German only1,5 EC 
Music TheoryP1BBMKBS2in German only1,5 EC
Wahlfach Chor (Choral singing advanced) PWahlChor1Wspecial requirments! 2 EC 
Painting and GraphicsP1BBKD12 1,5 EC
Experimental Art DesignP5SPKS21 3 EC 

Subject Area 10 - English Teacher Education 

Course titleCourse numberrecommendedECTS
Language Teaching MethodologyP3BBSBE1also for Primary TE2 EC 
Student-Centred TeachingP3BBSBE2also for Primary TE1 EC
Systemic LinguisticsSeBEN08z21Secondary TE 3 EC
Understanding Drama and FilmSeBEN10x02Secondary TE3 EC
North American CivilizationSeBEN12x02Secondary TE3 EC 
Pronunciation and IntonationASB1EN5PIUif interested contact staff 2 EC 
Advanced Grammar ASB1EN5AGUPPH Linzcoming soon
Teaching language skills 1SeBEN02x01Secondary TE4 EC
Spoken academic productionSeBEN06x01PPH Linz2 EC
Listening and SpeakingSeBEN06z31Secondary TE2 EC 
Understanding Fiction and Poetry SeBEN10x01 3 EC 
Advanced Planning and Assessment SeMEN01x01 4 EC
Written Production IASB2EN5WPUPPH Linz3 EC
Written Production IIASB4EN6WPP
PPH Linz
3 EC
Written Production IIIASB7EN7WPP
PPH Linz
3 EC 

Please note: For students coming to study within the English Secondary Teacher Education there will be compulsory "Competence Evaluation" which will take place during the "Orientation Week"! The respective number in the Learning Agreement is: SeBEN05x01

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