Berufsbezogene Fremdsprache Englisch – Follow up

Follow up Course for Vocational School teachers of English

Target group:
The "Follow up" course serves as a refresher course for vocational school teachers who have already completed the course "English as a foreign language in the field of vocational school pedagogy".

Short description:
The further development of metacognitive and language skills, focussing on the individual 4 skills when teaching English in vocational schools, is the main aim.
Specialist didactics: Individualization in the classroom (beginners to highly gifted students), competence-oriented teaching, working with authentic materials using CLIL, learning platforms to support interactive learning processes. 
School practical studies: planning of lessons for beginners and highly gifted students, taking into account ICT resources in planning and teaching.
During this course, participants should: 
gain insight into competence-oriented teaching, acquire didactic methods for mixed ability classes, learn to plan lessons in English for beginners, continue to improve their own language skills , acquire didactic methods for highly gifted students, develop suitable professional materials for vocational students.

End of course: Certificate
Venue: Pädagogische Hochschule OÖ, Kaplanhofstraße 40 , 4020 Linz und Galway, Ireland
Starting date: SS 2021
Duration: 1 module (60 teaching units @ 45 mins), 7 days presence, 1 day e-learning) – 2 semesters 
Costs: Travel expenses
Contact: Georg Burg