Academic Calendar at PHOÖ

Study Year 2016/2017: 

Summer semester 2016/2017:

Start: Monday, February 20th, 2017, 09:00 with Orientation Days 
End: June 30th, 2017

Holidays during winter semester:

October 26th (National Holiday)
November 1st and 2nd (All Saints and All Souls day)
December 8th (Immaculate Conception Day)
December 23rd - January 7th (Christmas Holidays)
February 1st - February 28th (Half Term Holidays)

Holidays during summer semester:

April 7th - April 18th (Easter Holidays)
May 1st (National Holiday, International Workers Day)
May 4th (School Holiday in Upper Austria, no courses, but shops, etc. open)
May 25th (Ascension Day - Holiday)
June 3rd - June 6th (Pentecost Holidays)
June 15th (Corpus Christi Holday)

Studyyear 2017/2018: 

Wintersemester 2017/2018: 

Start: 25.09.2017 (with Orientation Days for incoming students - mandatory!
End: 31.01.2018 

Summersemester 2018: 

Start: 21.02.2018 (with Orientation Days for incoming students - mandatory!) - Beware that is a Wednesday! 

End: 29.06.2018 

Holidays during winter semester: 

26.10.2017 Austrian National Holiday 
01.11.2017 All Saints Day 
08.12.2017 Holiday 
23.12.2017 - 07.01.2018 Christmas Holidays 

Holidays during summer semester: 

24.03.2018 - 02.04.2018 Easter Holidays 
01.05.2018 National Holiday (Workers Day) 
04.05.2018 St. Florian (School Holiday - not for university)
10.05.2018 Holiday 
21.05.2018 Holiday (Penticost Monday) 
31.05.2018 Holiday