Diagnostic Screening Tools for English Teachers at Tertiary Level

discet 3 is an international research project which deals with two key aspects of language learning. On the one hand, it deals with diagnostic screening tools and tests for foreign language aptitude, proficiency, and development with regards to our future students in the new Austrian EFL teacher education programme. On the other hand, part of this project is to create and evaluate data-driven pedagogical interventions and educational programmes in order to foster and develop language learning in prospective Austrian EFL students. Thus, this project pursues two objectives. First, existing tools and tests on foreign language aptitude and proficiency will be evaluated and adapted; if necessary, new tools and tests will be created. Second, based on the students’ testing and monitoring, tailor-made assistance programmes will be developed, applied, and also evaluated, so that the students can be supported professionally in their effort to reach the target proficiency level.

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Coordinators at PHOÖ

Thomas Wagner, thomas.wagner@ph-ooe.at
Erwin Gierlinger, erwin.gierlinger@ph-ooe.at 
Harald Spann, harald.spann@ph-ooe.at