EDIT - an International Educational Video Challenge


  • University of Applied Sciences, Oulu 
  • Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich, Linz
  • Gutenberg Universität Mainz 
  • Mondragon Universitatea  
  • University of Aberdeen 
  • Unversitatea Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Nabocca 

The EDIT Educational Video Challenge is a yearly competition in which students from all participating universities produce Educational Videos in a "hackathon" style event. After the limited production period an International jury selects 3 winners. Additionally there is an audience award. 

The challenge aims at: 

promoting the production of educational videos by teacher education students 
providing a motivating learning opportunity to improve video production skills for teacher education students
promoting international collaboration 
providing a practice field to improve teacher education students digital competences 

The EDIT challenges are accompanied by intensive research and articles have been published in International journals:

Links to EDIT Challenges websites (including playlists):

EDIT 2014 

EDIT 2015 

EDIT 2016