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Special announcement due to the current situation in Ukraine:

Dear colleagues and dear students!

The University of Education Upper Austria strongly condemns the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Our sympathy goes out to the affected population. It is particularly important to us to express our solidarity with the people in Ukraine. In view of the difficult situation, we are taking the following concrete steps:

- We ask all lecturers at the University of Education Upper Austria to include the broader aspects of the topic of war in their lectures. Expressions of solidarity, also in the form of projects and statements, are expressly desired. Information on how to include this topic in a practical and effective way can be found, among other places, at (in German) https://www.politik-lernen.at/ukraine and on the Eduthek at https://eduthek.at/current_resources. In English, the following website has references and teaching materials about the different aspects of the war in the Ukraine, https://gebg.org/teaching-the-war-in-ukraine-resources-recommended-by-educators-2/.

- The “Europa Schule” (the affiliated practice school) will also devote itself to this topic. Among other things, the school will directly address those responsible for the war with their appeal for peace.

- In our library, we will focus on the Ukraine and display Ukrainian literature.

- Several webinars and events on the Ukrainian conflict will be offered - please see the announcements on our website for exact topics and times.

- We expressly welcome Ukrainian faculty and students to visit our university. We will make every effort to provide them with appropriate teaching and student activities.

- All (research) activities and collaborations with Russian and Belarusian colleagues, universities and research institutions will be suspended for now.

- We will keep you informed about further activities.

We would like to thank all our students and staff for their commitment and hope that this war will end soon!

Walter Vogel, Rector

Katharina Soukup-Altrichter, Vice-Rector for Education and Research

Josef Oberneder, Vice-Rector for University Management and School Development

Stefan Gumpelmeier, Head of the Administration

Tobias Buchner, Head of the Institute for Inclusive Education

Christian Flotzinger, Head of the Institute for Secondary General Education

Klaudia Lettmayr, Head of the Institute for Vocational Education

Gertraud Nachbaur, Head of the Institute for Continuing Educational Programs & School Development 1 for Early Childhood-, and Primary School Education, and Secondary 1 (Middle School)

Judith Prorok, Head of the Institute for Continuing Educational Programs & School Development 2 for Secondary 1 (Middle School) and 2 (High School), including Vocational Schools and Polytechnical Schools

Margit Steiner, Head of the Institute of Early Childhood-, and Primary School Education

Roswitha Stütz, Head of the Institute for International Cooperation and Study Programs

Thomas Hagmüller, Headmaster of the “Europa Schule”, affiliated practice school.

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