International project activities

This site provides a selection of international projects with PHOÖ contribution and involvement. See side navigation for more detailed descriptions of specific projects. 
On this start page we always present one project of actual relevance or which is newly started. 


a new project by PHOÖ to support Ukraine in the educational field

The project will start in October 2023. Within the framework of the project, Ukrainian student teachers (from the universities of Lviv, Kiev and Drohobych) will come to Upper Austria and complete an internship at selected elementary schools (where they will work with Ukrainian refugee children).  At the same time, the participants will take part in courses at the PH OÖ and will support an associated research project. A scientific conference with Ukrainian experts will be held at PH OÖ. The project is supported by the District School Board of Upper Austria. The project team includes, in addition to the Head of the Institute Niels de Jong, Karl Wegenschimmel and Jan Böhm.

News & Aktuelles

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