Teaching across borders (3 ECTS)

Coursenumber: 2800SSIKST


This course is for all students including Erasmus students (Incomings and Outgoings).

Beiing a teacher in Europe: a common living space
- Reflection on culture(s), language(s), norms and values
- Education policies in Europe
- History of migration 
- Impact of migration on European societies with focus on education

Being a teacher in Europe: development of plurilingual and pluricultural competences
- Identity and languages
- Identity and cultures

Being a teacher in Europe: working in a multicultural context
- Didactics of plurilingualism: an overview
- Education for peace and mutual understanding 

Interactive learning and teaching forms (learning from each other):
- small workshops, presentations, group work, discussions, etc
- excursions, support of PH-OÖ international events 

Goals and competences to achieve: 

To understand the changes due to globalisation
- To foster mobility in education
- To reflect on personal linguistical and cultural compertences
- To reflect on professional competences
- To get to know innovative approaches for multicultural and plurilingual education
- To be aware of teacher's role in society for peace and democracy 

Bibliography will be provided during the course 

Requirements and Notes: - 

Information on exams: 

- Active participation
- Individual and group presentations
- Final interview based on personal and profesionnal reflection 


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