Learning Agreement instructions

You have to register all courses you plan to take in Linz in your workflow in Mobility Online! This will be part of your application workflow and will show up when you have reached that task. We cannot accept other forms of Learning Agreements! Keep in mind that you have to register every individual course you plan to take step by step.

After we have checked your learning agreement you can download and print it. All your selected coures will be listed there and it will be automatically signed by us. 

You then have to sign it also and let it be signed by your coordinator! Please keep in mind that this is a provisional learning agreement and changes are possible and likely after your arrival! 

If your home university requires direct matching of courses you have to write the respective courses into the respective table! If you don't write courses there this part of the learning agreement will stay empty after printing which is alright if direct matching is not required! 

If needed you can find a description of the Austrian grading system here: http://www.cimea.it/en/services/publications-and-databases/databases/cimea-mac-laude.aspx

See here how to make your learning agreement in Mobility Online (click on screenshot to enlarge!): 

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